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Advantages of  “ZAWP LAGUNA” card


In Exchange for your contribution, you have a discount of 20% in your tickets to:

  • hACERIA jazz club
  • hACERIA Eszeniko club (theatre)
  • hACERIA Flamenco club
  • hACERIA Black club

It is necesary to show your ZAWP LAGUNA card when you buy the ticket. The discount is only available to the ZAWP LAGUNA card´s owner.

Lindy-hop If you present your card when you buy the ticket, we will give you a bottle of watter for free.

Rental of ZAWP Spaces

Access to level of charges with different discounts according to the uses.

Discounts participating in our markets

Discount of 10%  on the sales point rent.

Entrance options

Reserve the location before

You can reserve a table for hACERIA jazz club

You can make the booking by email ( or making a call to this number 944759576 during office hours (monday-friday 9:00-17:00h)

Information priority sent by email to access in advance the sale and make the booking before others.

Three monthly magazine sending by email for free

You can gain double free tickets by monthly raffles

Present for your birthday 

New Season

The normal card Price won´t change on the 2018 season.


The price to be a ZAWP FRIEND in 2017 is 17€ per year.

This card is valid for one year, from January 1st until December 31st 2017.

To apply, you just have to fill out the form (in spanish, you can ask us for a traduction sending an email to and make the payment, you can do it in cash or by making a money transfer. If you choose the last option, you must send us the payment receipt to this email: After receiving the proof, we will assign you your partner number.






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