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Since it was founded seventeen years ago, La Haceria has served as a versatile space for creation and exhibition. The first project of la Asociación hACERIA Arteak was reconverting the sawmill into the space that it is today.

Haceria Arteoa is currently formed by different thematic clubs that spread and generate formative and cultural activity and helps to promote the revitalization of the area in it’s own unique way.

You can check the activities of hACERIA Aretoa here.

hACERIA Arteoa offers a space to record music and video, and to make videoclips or promotional videos of your theatrical work from Monday through Friday during the morning, and on Sundays until 15:00.Here you can see some examples of videos made at hACERIA:

hACERIA is also available as a rehearsal space. For more information about available dates, rates, and possibilities, please contact Jorge by email at produccion@zawp.org.


Size: 120m2

Services: Toilets, dressing room, shower, projection screen, wood floor, heater and wifi.

Capacity: If the public are seated there can be 70 people, if they are up there can be 100 people.

There is another space next to HACERIA. The size of this pabillon is 160m2 and it has and ambigú and an storage.

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hACERIA Ekinez aims to be a place of experimentation, a laboratory, and a kitchen where artistic proposal (beyond the typical weekend representation) can grow, be enriched, and savored, and with a little bit of luck it can be enjoyed for a month in our club. Look inside and out, and you will find a sense of perserverance and continuity in the art. For Ekinez, this is our approach or, better yet, our recipe for our stage club…allowing enough time for the artistic proposal to ripen.

To promote this club we work with Richard Sahagún as content consultant.


hACERIA Jazz Club has resulted in three solid years of music, in the 15 years that hACERIA Jazz has been in existence, through concerts or Didijazz (jazz lessons).
hACERIA Jazz Club was created in 2004 to provide space to the musicians of Biscay, to help produce a new generation of jazz musicians, as well as to increase the interest in jazz.
The long trajectory and the intensity of the sessions has permitted musicians, such as Krzysztof Sandecki (saxophone), Alberto Madrid (bass), Abraham de Román (tenor and soprano saxophone), Jorge Castañeda (piano), Borja Barrueta (drums), Andrej Olejnizak (saxophone), among many others.

hACERIA Jazz Club is the only place in Biscay that provides the oportunity for new musical values to emerge. In collaboration with the conservatories of San Sebastián, Pamplona, and Leioa, we are becoming the benchmark of emergence and innovation, as well as a point of convergence for already established musicians. Our audience is witness and protagonist to our club’s generation of emerging artists like Juan Sebastian Vásquez (piano), Arturo Valero (bass), and Dani Juárez Mejías (saxophone). web


As of November 16th, 2010, flamenco is officially a universal art. UNESCO has included this cultural event on it’s list  Intangible Heritage of Humanity.
While trying to find the roots of flamenco, you will find that, prior to the eighteenth century, most of the information was erased from the history of the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula with the stroke of a pen. However, it is logical to think that the crossing of cultures occurred in Andalusia throughout history had something to do with the creation of this form of artistic expression born from within. Certainly, the mixing and divergence of cultures have stored gems, such as flamenco and jazz, that we are still able to enjoy today.
Our Flamenco hACERIA Club aims to be a meeting place for flamenco enthusiasts, and those to come. Concerts, workshops, films, publications, news, laboratory, experimentation, and forums help to spread the culture and spirit of flamenco.
To promote this club we work with Elisa Belmonte as artistic consultant.


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