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Shared work spaces

ETC02 is a shared workspace located in an old industrial hall of 250 m2 renovated and adapted as a place to create, develop and share artistic, creative and innovative ideas and projects.

ETC02 is a place to start or continue your self-managed activity and without requiring major investments in space to focus on your project.

  • Ukelab
  • Artek
  • Plastik red
  • Vanessa Escalada Studio

 UKELAB organizes ukulele workshops in ZAWP, Bilbao and surroundings. Marcos Feijoo, its promoter, teaches us what it is and where does the ukulele come from, which styles encompasses (clues, reggae, pop, folk, swing, jazz…), how simple the positions of the chords are to learn and implement. He also sells various models of ukulele, turners… Check his Website

Multidisciplinary artist. Check her website

They are a group of young people from different countries around the world. By traveling we discovered that every country has one problem in common: plastic waste. The ocean is full of plastic soup, on festivals and events you will find a lot of garbage and in the daily life there is a little amount of people who pay attention to recycling. We want to show everyone the value of plastic instead of seeing it as a waste.Visit their facebook page

The artist Vanesa Escalada is characters compose. She create life in any kind of character or creature for cinema, theatre o performances.

  • You

Emotional intelligence lab Check their website

Of course, there is a shared workspace waiting for you. Do not hesitate to contact us via telephone: 94 475 95 76 or email: