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ZAWPLAb combine international residencies focused on urban and social transformation, as a concept or as a target wit shared work spaces.

The purpose of this program is to encourage experimentation, production and research in different areas of creation, contribute to the promotion of creators and promote international mobility of cultural professionals, and finally, to encourage and promote projects based on the territory that may enrich and put in value over a flexible and multidisciplinary work space.

From ZAWPLAb, the following projects are developed.

  • Pabellón nº6
  • Sustraiak

Bilbo Dulce is a newly established company dedicated to making creative pastries, seeking to recover the flavors of yesteryear and adapt them to our time. We craft artisinal cookies, pies, and other desserts.Check their facebook

Gokan offers diverse gastronomic experiences: cooking courses, private dinners, catering, showcooking, sales stands at events … Everything always with a focus on japanese culture.

Pabellón Nº 6 is an Asociation of escenic art´s creators. Check their website

Sustraiak works as a vegetarian catering service. They work with ecological and local products, as long as they can.  Check their website

  • Blip & Hircus Artifex
  • La Tienda comprometida
  • Violeta Calzada
  • You

Blip Control Voltage: Modular synthetizer´s shop. They also make labs, showrooms and Do It Yourself space.Check their website

Hircus Artifex: Graphic novel editorial. Check their website

“La tienda comprometida” works to help different social movements to be recognized. It also helps to the people to find different ideas or alternatives to participate in the construction of a better world. Check their website

Violeta is the promoter of ” El fieltro como medio artístico”. She is working on investigation and dissemination of  the artistic use of the felt.

Of course, there is a shared workspace waiting for you. Do not hesitate to contact us via telephone: 94 475 95 76 or email:

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