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RD 45

This old pavilion has had different purposes as storehouse or antiques shop for example.

After the rehabilitation made by ZAWP with “Fábricas de creación 2011” program´s grant, it was inhabnited by Delirium studios during 3 years. In 2014, this joung company moved to a bigger space in Mondragon Unibertsitatea located in Bilbao´s city center.

Since 2015, this space is a vintage studio and shop called  Tokio story.

Among its services we can find:

Interior Design

From getting ready distributions to optimize the space to integral reforms.

Forniture rental

For advertising, photo sessions, T.V, etc.
Adaptation and trasformato

The furniture and objects in general are restored and revised, there is also the possibility to adapt some pieces or design furnitures to suit the needs of the clients.

More information in the web site.