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The building now known as Papelera was built in 1958 by Taibo Industries, a company dedicated to iron moved to this building in the Ribera de Deusto probably after the original building was affected by the works of the Canal. After Taibo Industries, would come Nervión Bin, the last company that occupied the building and whose name, without consciously meaning to, we made it constituted as the name by which everyone already calls this building.

After standing empty for some years, ZAWP began talks with its owners and institutions to try find a way for the conservation and recovery of this space was outside management. After a year without much success and at the thought of losing it (was going to be used until its demolition as a store), the ZAWP team decided to rent it temporarily dedicating part of his salary. We knew we could not use him because of the conditions in which we rent but was allowed to continue taking time to force conversations with institutions and is recovered as a place for residents and culture.

Finally, we save the building with the support of the Basque Association of Industrial Heritage and Public Works (AVPIOP), and that it be qualified as public facilities definitely in the Special Plan Zorrotzaurre, adopted on November 29, 2012. Basque Government’s Culture Department decided to rehabilitate the space, through their Creation Factories’s Program and under an interagency agreement with Ekintza Bilbao (Bilbao City Hall), who carried out the work though a public competition.

During this period (2011-2013), ZAWP has invested money in rent, insurance, electricity…, time and human resources, and have developed a content proposal. Today, Bilbao’s City Hal published in newspapers  that the Kunsthal design school will inhabit the space. 

 From ZAWP we can say that we achieved the first objective: to save a heritage building.