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ZAWP selected for the 2º edition of Triodos Bank price

ZAWP has been chosen as one of 6 finalists for the 2nd edition of Triodos’ companies and projects that are changing the world.

Triodos Bank funds companies and organizations which, with their work, bring value to society and the environment. This is the second edition of this prize, and Triodos Bank wants to recognize the work of these companies and organizations.

The company with the greatest number of votes will receive 10,000€ to support their activities in order to contribute to a positive change in our society.

You can participate in this selection, voting for your favorite project until 18th of December at 15:00 h.

If you want vote for ZAWP you can go to Triodos bank’s website:, and there you can discover the work of the selected projects and vote for the one you find most interesting.

We encourage you to know more about the 6 projects and cast your vote.

If you want to vote for ZAWP you can click here: I want to vote

This is ZAWP´s presentation (spanish)

Here you can hear what people think about ZAWP when they discovered it: (spanish)

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