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ZAWP in “Habana Espacios Creativos”

Some members of Haceria Arteak team traveled last November to Havana to participate in the last phase of the project CREhAbana – The creative city as a model of Urban and Social Regeneration in the context of Old Havana – promoted by Tecnalia Foundation Research & Innovation and developed in collaboration with the Office of the Historian of Havana among other agents.

CREhAbana started in 2014 with the objective of contributing to strengthen the endogenous processes of local development and transformation of the urban model, as a vector of economic growth and sustainable social transformation. To this end, the project has sought to implement a model of urban and socio-economic regeneration aimed at the evolution of the Historical Center of Havana as a laboratory for a creative city. ZAWP has been an active part of the development of the project as a successful model of urban evolution with recognized reputation and presence in international networks, based on the urban transformation of degraded areas into spaces of creativity.

Within the framework of this final phase of the project took place the pre-opening of Habana Espacios Creativos (Havana creative spaces) , a place for the creation and development of initiatives of independent young people in the different fields of arts, communication and new technologies, which will give a new use to the former warehouses of the pharmaceutical Sarrá. In it, innovative and sustainable projects can be realized in a pleasant and dynamic working environment; and the interrelation between the participating projects will be fostered, thus increasing connectivity and cooperation among them.

One of the main objectives of this center will be to sensitize the community of the Historical Center of Havana about the value of creative economies to promote the development of the city through culture.

The creators will be able to access the center through a call for the selection of projects. These projects must be led by young people, have the potential to collaborate with other projects and respond to one of the fundamental lines that will enhance Habana Espacios Creativos (design, music, visual and performing arts, projects, programming and cultural management).

The space opened for the first time with an exhibition by CartelON. Gráfica Cubana, a program to promote silkscreen graphics in Cuba, who took the opportunity to launch the poster contest for Havana’s 500 Anniversary in collaboration with the Office of the Historian of Havana.

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