“The Origin of Spaces” second meeting

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The Origin of Spaces (OOS) is a three year partnership project funded by the European Union,  Erasmus +, and focuses on the innovative structures and socio-economic impacts of co-working clusters across Europe. It will take place over five countries: France, Croatia, United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal.

The partners are Darwin Eco-System, Zawp, LX Factory, Rojc Alliance, Capture Projects, and the London Borough of Lewisham.

The primary aim of the project is to share existing knowledge and methods across four scopes ecological transition, participatory governance, co-working and social entrepreneurship and to make this information freely available via an online toolbox that will be launched during 2017, for internal initiators, external users and local stakeholders.


As the current socio-economic and ecological challenges may be more than just a temporary situation, innovative, positive action must be taken now to begin to challenge the current status quo. The OOS project will offer manageable, tried and tested solutions and methods that aim to address some of the current and future scenarios that are unfolding.

This project is an initiative originated by Darwin Eco-System, an innovative coworking cluster based in Bordeaux, France. The overall premise is the belief that sustainable multidisciplinary clusters, and their orientation towards ecological transition, are an important and key approach towards a responsible answer to the present needs of some of the most primary challenges facing our society. Based on current experience, they are seen as innovation labs, incubators of new ways of working and fundamentally living and acting collectively for the co-creation of sustainable communities.

The official start of the project took place in Bordeaux at a kickoff meeting between 15th and 17th October 2014, representatives from all the partners gathered to begin the 3 year collaboration. This was an enthusiastic first meeting and we have a very positive feeling due to the strong commitment and high quality of exchanges, we are convince a great collaboration has begun!

“Coworking is neither a consequence nor a reaction, in reality it is both.”
Fernando Mendes, Coworklisboa.

This 2015, Zawp will host a series of Transnational meetings: February from the 16th to the 17th; International main Coordination and Researcher gathering.

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