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LOFT ZAWP is a coworking space situated in a former carpentry building that has been rehabilitated and adapted into a place to create, develop, and share ideas and artistic, creative, innovative projects.

LOFT ZAWP is divided into two floors: the ground floor is the office and workplace of Asociación hACERIA arteak, and the top floor is a coworking space with desks, a conference room, as well as a kitchen/dining room.
This is a place to start, or continue, your activity in a self-managed way, without having to make a large investment in space so that you can concentrate on your project.

Currently, LOFT ZAWP is occupied by the following projects:

  • hACERIA arteak
  • Eurocircuits

hACERIA arteak is a non-profit cultural association that emerged in BIlbao in February 1997, when it took an industrial space in a postindustrial and port area, La Ribera de Deusto, and dedicated it to artistic creation. The space is named hACERIA aretoa. Currently, hACERIA arteak ALSO manages the ZAWP movement.

Company that deals with the challenges of a technological movement and adaptation to the digital world of the activities of ZAWP movement. _____ of ideas, emotions and creative energies to generate innovative projects based on ICTs by providing specific solutions adapted to the needs of each projects. Visit their web

Claudio Cardoso is the sales representative of Eurocircuits in Spain and Portugal. Its objectives settling in Bilbao are: establish contact and collaborations with the Bilbao and Euskadi university, visit local clients in the region, electronic fairs and the organization of workshops and training in design, production of pcbs.

Visit the web

  • Arantzazu Luzarraga
  • Rune Stefansson
  • Rakel Sanchez
  • You



Graphic designer

Of course, there is a shared workspace waiting for you. Do not hesitate to contact us by telephone at: 944 759 576 or by email at:


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