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ZAWP offers a creative and cultural ecosystem where you can make your events, develop your projects, show your products … it is a unique environment in Bilbao located in a neighborhood living a process of urban transformation: La Ribera de Deusto and Zorrotzaurre.

The possibilities are as many as the spaces can offer:


Are you looking for a different space in Bilbao to host your event?

Haceria Arteak association and ZAWP  have extensive experience producing events using our own tool (Eginbook).
In addition, we manage different industrial spaces conditioned as places of creation and creativity. These buildings can be the perfect setting for your event.

  • GARABIA: an old industrial building of 260m2 diaphanous rehabilitated as an exhibition space that can accommodate: events, rehearsals, classes, showrooms, meetings, conferences … It also has an ambigu area.
  • HACERIA ARETOA: Since its foundation in 1998, it has been a multipurpose space for creation and exhibition. The room consists of 120m2 and is equipped for recordings, rehearsals, exhibitions, showrooms, training … It also has an ambigu area.

If you need more information about rental spaces, production services and rates, contact us at or 944 759 576.



¿Does your home inspire you to develop your projects?

Avoid the isolation working in a shared work place or coworking in Bilbao, taking benefit from profesional synergies.

In ZAWP we are offering you a creative atmosphere where networking and comercial opportunities are possible.

In ZAWP we believe in flexibility, so you can check the different options for use the spaces (half day, full day, month, week…).

At ZAWP you can also work in a unique environment of Bilbao, a social and cultural movement located in a neighborhood in process or urban transformation and opportunities generator such as La Ribera de Deusto and Zorrotzaurre.

There are different choices you can take:

  • ETC02: ETC02 is a shared workspace located in an old industrial hall of 250 m2 renovated and adapted as a place to create, develop and share artistic, creative and innovative ideas and projects.
  • LOFT ZAWP: LOFT ZAWP is divided into two floors: the ground floor is the office and workplace of “Asociación hACERIA arteak”, and the top floor is a coworking space with desks, a conference room, as well as a kitchen/dining room.
    From 60€/month
  • ZAWPLAb: ZAWPLAb combine international residencies focused on urban and social transformation, as a concept or as a target wit shared work spaces.

All the spaces have meeting room, terrace, wc, water, light, wifi, heater, and security alarm.

If you have any question, put in contact with us: