We distribute our energy, until now concentrated in Ribera de Deusto (Phase 1 of the urban plan), to reactivate this new space, in Zorrotzaurre (Phase 2). This highlights our reactive and adaptive philosophy to the reconversion process of the area.

It is a place for expression and growth of the collective, that attempts to generate the best frame for the boost of creation, mixing emerging projects with consolidated projects and professionals.  An incomparable environment to promote ideas and projects, as well as to carry out events, meetings, presentations …

If you are looking for a place to develop your project (coworking space), in ZAWP you will find a creative ecosystem in which ideas are materialized, shared and commercialised.

From € 70 per month you can access to your flexible space, your office or workshop with:

  • Formative programs for incipient projects
  • Actions that promote the entry into the market of products from the Cultural and Creative Industries.
  • Connection between international cultural centers that favor the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

You can choose between different options: desks for occasional use, desks for continuous use or open spaces between 12 and 18m2.

All these options include: wifi, dining room, access to meeting rooms, mail reception, special prices for uses of the exhibition space, WC, leisure area and dissemination of the project on the web.

If you are interested in the exhibition space, we are currently working on it in order to offer you an incomparable space. Meanwhile, you can get an idea checking this virtual tour of the space.

If you want to make any question, you can find us at info@zawp.org or phone +34 944 759 576.


Making a character through the scenic costumes

Flexible schedule: 2 hour classes

Duration: 30 hours depending on the design proposal

Teacher: Vanessa Escalada Estudio

Using different techniques, you will learn to develop the imagination, creating a character, concluding with a real size piece of designed clothing.

Sign up writing to: vanessaescaladastudio@gmail.com


Simple, transmuter and creative confection

Flexible schedule: Classes of 1 hour or hour and a half

Teacher: Vanessa Escalada Estudio

Intended for: People who want to learn the art of clothing.

Sign up writing to: vanessaescaladastudio@gmail.com

Regular flamenco courses 2019-2020

The first half of September will be published the call to the different regular flamenco courses: dance, drawer, guitar …



Schedule: Sundays from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Price: € 10 adult / € 5 / child

Teacher: Ukelab

The Ukedada is a meeting of ukulele lovers.

In the ukedadas, music and ukulele will be discussed and different songs will be played. You don´t need to know how to play or have a ukulele.

ARTEK: new life to your clothes

Schedule: Sundays from 12:00 to 14:00

Price: free the first session

Teacher: Artek

Bring your clothing and its history to know what is the reason to update it. Different techniques will be shown to paint with acrylic on the clothing.

Sign up writing to: artek.trashumante@gmail.com

ZAWP DENDA was created as a small neighborhood´s shop that combines the sale of basic food products and hygiene products with the ZAWP project diffusion. In this way, ZAWP denda is also an information point of the activities that take place in the ecosystem, such as: the agenda of Haceria the iniciatives of zawpers such as Plastik red, Ukelab

In this “pantry” we will find the sugar that always ends at the worst moment or the can of sardines that “saves your life” when you do not wnat to cook.

Located in Ribera de Deusto 47, ZAWP DENDA owns a pop-up area destined to a temporary sell-exposition of different creators, which will work as a way to show new products and line-products, gain attention of new clients or put the clients closer to a product that already commercializes on the internet. This area is based in the POP-UP store philosophy, a movement that was born in England some years ago as a tendency of opening shops for a short period of time.

¿Do you want to sell or show your creations at ZAWP DENDA?

You can fill out this form.

If you need help you can contact us in zawpdenda@zawp.org or in 944 759 576 and we will help you.


Do you like ZAWP t-shirts but we do not have your size or color?

You can buy your t-shirts and other objects with custom designs in color and size at: zawp.camisetaimedia.com


Some projects or brands you will find in ZAWP DENDA:

Summer timetable: July and August closed

ZAWP offers a creative and cultural ecosystem where you can make your events, develop your projects, show your products … it is a unique environment in Bilbao located in a neighborhood living a process of urban transformation: La Ribera de Deusto and Zorrotzaurre.

The possibilities are as many as the spaces can offer:


Are you looking for a different space in Bilbao to host your event?

Haceria Arteak association and ZAWP  have extensive experience producing events using our own tool (Eginbook).
In addition, we manage different industrial spaces conditioned as places of creation and creativity. These buildings can be the perfect setting for your event.

  • GARABIA: an old industrial building of 260m2 diaphanous rehabilitated as an exhibition space that can accommodate: events, rehearsals, classes, showrooms, meetings, conferences … It also has an ambigu area.
  • HACERIA ARETOA: Since its foundation in 1998, it has been a multipurpose space for creation and exhibition. The room consists of 120m2 and is equipped for recordings, rehearsals, exhibitions, showrooms, training … It also has an ambigu area.

If you need more information about rental spaces, production services and rates, contact us at produccion@zawp.org or 944 759 576.



¿Does your home inspire you to develop your projects?

Avoid the isolation working in a shared work place or coworking in Bilbao, taking benefit from profesional synergies.

In ZAWP we are offering you a creative atmosphere where networking and comercial opportunities are possible.

In ZAWP we believe in flexibility, so you can check the different options for use the spaces (half day, full day, month, week…).

At ZAWP you can also work in a unique environment of Bilbao, a social and cultural movement located in a neighborhood in process or urban transformation and opportunities generator such as La Ribera de Deusto and Zorrotzaurre.

There are different choices you can take:

  • ETC02: ETC02 is a shared workspace located in an old industrial hall of 250 m2 renovated and adapted as a place to create, develop and share artistic, creative and innovative ideas and projects.
  • LOFT ZAWP: LOFT ZAWP is divided into two floors: the ground floor is the office and workplace of “Asociación hACERIA arteak”, and the top floor is a coworking space with desks, a conference room, as well as a kitchen/dining room.
    From 60€/month
  • ZAWPLAb: ZAWPLAb combine international residencies focused on urban and social transformation, as a concept or as a target wit shared work spaces.

All the spaces have meeting room, terrace, wc, water, light, wifi, heater, and security alarm.

If you have any question, put in contact with us: info@zawp.org