Acto Íntimo is looking for actors and actresses

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We’re looking for actors and actresses in Bilbao to be part of the cast in Acto Íntimo, Casta, peste y eternidad, the 8th of April in Haceria Aretoa.

If you are interested send your CV and a photograph to your name + Bilbao as mail subject.


teaser “CASTA, PESTE y ETERNIDAD, una apologia del Amor” Acto Intimo de Santi Senso from Santi Senso on Vimeo.

Santi Senso is the creator and driver of the Lenguaje de los Actos Íntimos.

Inside of his Gira Internacional he travels to Bilbao to Haceria the 8th of April and he looks for local artists to be part of the staging.

If you want to know more about his language and his trajectory you can go to

Besides, Santi Senso will give the 7th of April a Masterclass to show his language with the tittle “La vulnerabilidad del actor”.



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