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Find your best place to work

¿Does your home inspire you to develop your projects?

Avoid the isolation working in a shared work place or coworking in Bilbao, taking benefit from profesional synergies.

In ZAWP we are offering you a creative atmosphere where networking and comercial opportunities are possible.

There are different choices you can take:

  • ETC02: ETC02 is a shared workspace located in an old industrial hall of 250 m2 renovated and adapted as a place to create, develop and share artistic, creative and innovative ideas and projects.
  • LOFT ZAWP: LOFT ZAWP is divided into two floors: the ground floor is the office and workplace of “Asociación hACERIA arteak”, and the top floor is a coworking space with desks, a conference room, as well as a kitchen/dining room.
    From 60€/month
  • ZAWPLAb: ZAWPLAb combine international residencies focused on urban and social transformation, as a concept or as a target wit shared work spaces.

All the spaces have meeting room, terrace, wc, water, light, wifi, heater, and security alarm.

If you have any question, put in contact with us:

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