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Haceria Arteak 20 years book

Haceia Arteak celebrates its more than 20 years with the publication of its anniversary book: Haceria Arteak 20 years 20 concepts.

2019 is an special year for hACERIA Arteak; It is year in which the Association must say goodbye to the spaces where a lot of cultural projects were developed since 1998. The move to new spaces (also in Ribera de Deusto and Zorrozaurre) it is a new challenge for Haceria Arteak – ZAWP .

The book revolves around 20 fundamental concepts that have governed this adventure since the beginning. 20 concepts that define years, feelings, ideas, challenges. Words that invite interpretation and evocation. 20 concepts very present in those who have been part of Haceria Arteak:
To do. Daring, creativity. Team, soul. Meanwhile. Drugs, sex, alcohol. Learning. Dreams. Contrasts, uncertainty. Plurality. Memory. Transparency. Wounds. Success. Events. Adaptation. Palabros. Internationalization. Coffees Systems. Haceria.

The book is already on sale at ZAWP DENDA, Haceria and Garabia for € 20 minus 20 cents.

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