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International residence: Carishina

In 2019, Atic H. Deba will develop the residence at ZAWP: #Carishina

Duration: From March 1st to May 15th

Discipline: Dance, performance

Origin: Ecuador


  •     Choreographer and Concept: Atic H. Deba
  •     Costumes: Sandra Arroniz
  •     Director Assistant : Yahaira Orbegozo Cofiño
  •     Movement Assistant: Aura Lobera
  •     Dramaturgy Assistant: Francisco José Hidalgo López


As a master’s final work, #Carishina, seeks to investigate two topics: Performativity from games and the expression of gender.

How to find and preserve the feeling of games in order to transfer them to the performance. How to add different layers of the meaning to a game so in that way it could be sustained as an autonomous expressive concept. How to generate a communication from the motivation to play, no matter who or where. How to create an space where the rules are fair creating possibilities for all its participants. How to elaborate play tactics with the same objective. How to find a pink cat in a #BosqueDeHipopotamos.

Atic is looking for people to collaborate in the development of his residence in Bilbao. They can have experience in #Circo, #Danza, #Teatro and / or #PerformativeArts with desire to Play, for specific collaborations or with perspective.

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