ZAWP in Pintor I. Zuloaga street

We distribute our energy, until now concentrated in Ribera de Deusto (Phase 1 of the urban plan), to reactivate this new space, in Zorrotzaurre (Phase 2). This highlights our reactive and adaptive philosophy to the reconversion process of the area.

It is a place for expression and growth of the collective, that attempts to generate the best frame for the boost of creation, mixing emerging projects with consolidated projects and professionals.  An incomparable environment to promote ideas and projects, as well as to carry out events, meetings, presentations …

If you are looking for a place to develop your project (coworking space), in ZAWP you will find a creative ecosystem in which ideas are materialized, shared and commercialised.

From € 70 per month you can access to your flexible space, your office or workshop with:

  • Formative programs for incipient projects
  • Actions that promote the entry into the market of products from the Cultural and Creative Industries.
  • Connection between international cultural centers that favor the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

You can choose between different options: desks for occasional use, desks for continuous use or open spaces between 12 and 18m2.

All these options include: wifi, dining room, access to meeting rooms, mail reception, special prices for uses of the exhibition space, WC, leisure area and dissemination of the project on the web.

If you are interested in the exhibition space, we are currently working on it in order to offer you an incomparable space. Meanwhile, you can get an idea checking this virtual tour of the space.

If you want to make any question, you can find us at or phone +34 944 759 576.