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Maija, Jesse and Elina working at ZAWP

Since 22nd of october three new people are working with us thanks to Education and Mobility program.

All of them comes from Finland and they use tese lines to introduce themselves:

  • “My name is Maija Rahkonen and I’ll be interning at ZAWP until the mid of December. I’m a visual artisan student from Vocational College Lappia in northern Finland. I like illustration and vector graphics and mainly use Inkscape and other open source software as my tools.” You can follow her on her blog:


  • “Hello! My name is Jesse Mäkelä! I study audiovisual communications at Vocational School Lappia in Tornio, Finland. My favorite things to do are videographing and lighting for live music performances.” You can check his youtube channel here.


  • “I am Elina, I am a media studies teacher  from Luovi vocational college, Helsinki Finland. I am teaching photography, graphic design and a little bit of 3D. In Finland, every now and then, vocational teachers can go to working places of their own area of  teaching to see, what is happening in the “working world” and then take her/his teaching to right direction (this helps students to prepare better to work life and training periods). This time I have an opportunity to do this in ZAWP! “



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