ZAWP (Bilbao) is a clear expression of our commitment to generate opportunities within the spatio-temporal framework that lies between what a place was (past) and what it will be (future), a circumstance that defines the urban transformation processes. Thanks to the ZAWP experience, not only the promotion of a part of our city has been favored through cultural programming and support for entrepreneurial projects through the co-financing of workspaces and direct help. We have also served other projects outside the framework of ZAWP and promoted the consolidation of spaces that will be part of the new neighborhood.

A new phase of ZAWP arrives, the sheds in which we have developed an important part of the project will be demolished but the project continues, “Work in progress”. In Ribera de Deusto consolidated spaces remain in the Plan, such as Papelera Nervión building at the southern part of the Island and Pabellón 6 in the center of it. The headquarters of ZAWP and our future Foundation, Bitartean, will be moved to Phase 2 of the Urban Plan, to the old factory of Estampaciones y Calderería, which we will call “Lacalde”, in which we hope to continue generating opportunities until its demolition (predictably within 15 years, 2033).

At the same time, we also began to work in other national and international contexts, putting value on the Meanwhile of transformation areas or urban gaps, showing a new way of making city, town or community economically and socially sustainable. For this work, ZAWP has been recognized by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia as a Priority Activity and awarded by different agencies in recent years.

As result of this concern for the Meanwhile, we hosted the 85 Trans Europe Halles Meeting from in 2018, which subject was precisely this: The Meanwhile, in which organisms and centers in transition contexts across Europe will work in order to generate useful tools for the management of provisionality.

With mistakes and successes, many things have been achieved so far. There are still many to achieve. And little time for all the thanks that are necessary. Students, groups, institutions, associations, businesses, neighbors, family … are part of this proposal that is now 10 years old and continues growing.