OOS – Origin of Spaces

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 From the 15th of October to the 17th of October took place in the French city of Bordeaux the first multilateral meeting with all the participants of OOS (The Origin of Spaces) project, which is covered by the Erasmus + European program funded by the European Union.

In this encounter we had the opportunity to meet our European partners in person who showed us, using their personal experiences, their own and very meaningful visions about how to implement short and long term projects here in ZAWP.

In the first day we attended to the presentation of all the institutions and organizations and also we could observe the big steps forward in infrastructures and ecological sustainability that have achieved or hosts in Darwin. In addition to us, also were attending the meeting 2 representatives of Capture Art and Creative Ltd association of London, 2 representatives from the Lewishan district of London, 4 members of Rojc Alliance de Pula (Croatia), 2 representatives of LX Factory (Lisbon) and the 4 members of the Les Darwiniens from Bordeaux that acted as hosts during the whole encounter.

The second day was marked by the presentation and the discussion of the budget and its implementation. It was an important but dense day due to the complexity and the length of the project (3 years).

 The last day was marked by a workshop in which all the participants designed the diverse and necessary, methodological and communication tools to implement the project.

However, once the work meeting finished satisfactorily, all the participants had the pleasure of making a visit to the nearby area of Las Landas and be impressed by the biggest dune in Europe and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.


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