The Transiberic Cultural Independent Spaces Network´s IV Meeting

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The Transiberic Cultural Independent Spaces Network and Proxecto Cárcere will celebrate the Network’s IV Meeting which will take place on 17 and 19 April 2015 at A Coruña.  ZAWP, as a member of the network, will attend to this meeting.
This year’s meeting topic deal with SPACES, THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PLACE. Thus, we will devote the first day to know more deeply the project Proxecto Cárcere collective wants to develop in A Coruña: to recover the old prison and transform it into a cultural centre. That is, to recover and restore spaces in disuse such as prisons, factories, industrial units, garages, stations, etc. or other spaces for artistic and cultural means.
On the second day we will discuss about the pros and cons of such spaces, what is their relationship and integration with their environment, which benefits they may offer to a city, neighborhood or village… In the afternoon we will have more practical workshops to go deeper into the problems and possible solutions on the spaces management.
Finally, on Sunday, we will have the Network meeting where we will talk about its future, among other things.
During these three days of the meeting, we will have the occasion of sharing experiences with managers of cultural spaces and to know and suggest collaboration projects.
You can already sign up in the following link: (deadline 9 April)


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