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Christmas present: “ZAWP´s friend” card

We have prepared the gift that will put you in the top of the best friend´s ranking: ” ZAWPs friend card”.

Giving  the card you are giving support to culture and providing experiences to share :

  • Double invitations to:

hACERIA jazz club (2)

hACERIA ekinez eszeniko club (3)

hACERIA flamenco club (1)

You can use then during 2016

  • Possibility to book the best seats of hACERIA aretoa
  • Discounts if you want to be part of our markets or if you want to rent one of our exhibition spaces …

The price of the card ZAWP friend is 25 € and with it you’ll get the special gift which consist of: 5 double invitations, information and discounts on zawpers´s products and services and an special cookie made ​​by Bilbo Dulce.

Only until January 5 .

What means be a ZAWP´s Friend?


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