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“TOTAL BRUTAL” with Nir de Volff

It will be the first time in Bilbao for the choreographer and director Nir de Volff who invites dancers and actors to gather in the studio. TOTAL BRUTAL offers a lab of auto-exploration, and an exploration of the creative methodology.

Haceria in collaboration with Goethe Institut presents TOTAL BRUTAL. This course has the main aim is more than the physical work, it is the connection between the participants and make their network bigger.

The goal of the workshop is to go beyond the physical work; the goal is to create connections between the participants in order to amplify their national and international network.

De Volff developed a methodology called “USE-ABUSE”, this methodology explores our semantic structure and the harmonic-disharmonic relation with our respiratory system. Focusing on our semantic areas that we used to ignore and that ask life back.

This way is easier to find coordination between the body and the emotional system of dancers and actors. Stimulate the freedom and the honesty on the body of each one. And it demands that the auto critic disappears, because it helps us take all our energy and all the possible movements.

When: fron June 5th to june 11st

Time: 10:00 – 14:30

Price: 250€

Who is Nir de Volff??


Nir de Volff was born in Israel, there he studied dance and started his first steps of his carrer. Then Pina Bausch Viktor invited him to the Israel Opera.

In 2000 he moved to Amsterdam and the he began his own work. Four years later, at 2004 he moved to Berlin there he created his own piece for the Sophiensaele Tanztage fest. And in 2007 he set up his own company, TOTAL BRUTAL.

Since then Nir de Volff have not stop doing pieces, being at the Dock11 theatre and at Sophiensaele as base. He has work with a lot of great artists like Falk Richter, She She Pop, Katarina Niminnen, Stock Volksbühne and Fouad Muhamen among others.

He also has worked in international projects mixing culture with social and political issues.

He has worked in a lot of important theatres all over the world; Opera de Frankfurt, Grand Theatre Groningen, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, ZIL Culture Centre Moscow, SESC Pinheiros (Sao Paulo), Esplanade Theatre (Singapore), Bankok National Centre of Dramatic Art, Stadttheater St. Pölter (österreich) Warehouse 2 (Jaffa Port), Tel Aviv, Poner Theatre (Prague), Theatre Alle Tese (Venedig), Old Court Building (Macao), Amphitheatre de Gesu (Montreal)…


This activitie is made with the Goethe Institut´s collaboration.


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