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“Tutte contro Verdi” goes to Fringe Festival

hACERIA 2014-15 season has finished, but the space is still hosting creativity with the final details of the innovative performance: “Tutte Contro Verdi”.  In one month, this performance will put the name of Bilbao in one of the most prestigious festivals in the world: Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

In addition, in July we have received an special visit of  RICHARD DEMARCO, (Scotland) the founder of the Traverse Theatre.

During his visit to Bilbao he won’t miss the chance to know the soprano Miren de Miguel who will show her play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he is involved.

You can buy your tickets now

“Tutte Contro Verdi”

This outstanding and innovative performance, created from an original idea by the soprano and actress Miren de Miguel, is based on her own conflict as a woman and artist. Focused on three operas, based on the works of Shakespeare, Miren explores the lyrical universe of Verdi, performing seven well-loved arias alongside classical texts and movement.

The fate of women in opera is one of great suffering, in love or illness, which is often fatal. These are scenes of domestic violence – “the opera permits men to give voice to misogyny.” But Miren de Miguel imagines that Desdemona and Violetta are in control of their own destiny.

Miren de Miguel is a Basque Soprano, Actress and Author. After more than 15 years singing opera in Italy, she returned to Spain to create her own productions, based on feminist principles and a desire for social justice. Her shows transmit her ideas and obsessions as well as her passion for music and poetry.

For Tutte Contro Verdi she is joined by collaborators Julio d’Escriván, a Venezuelan composer working in the UK and by Basque saxophonist Iñigo Ibaibarriaga.

Supported by the Basque Government and Alhondiga Bilbao and with the help of director Manu Gomez-Alvarez and supported by the project ZAWP-BILBAO, she has created Tutte Contro Verdi and two further works – So in Love about the life and music of Cole Porter and Quedatemistetas, a theatrical-musical monologue

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