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ZAWP Magazine #6

By Ruth Mayoral

Another year, one more, and again time flies and we do not realize until we arrive at the end. Since I arrived here, I feel that every year finishes faster than the previous one. It is odd, as usually it is the other way around, when each year passes slower, stretching on while hope shrinks. However here… each year the excitement grows, more activities, more commitment to improve, more self-criticism and more self demand. I admit that we never imagine something like this. Or maybe we did. And that is why we started all this. I have the feeling that this time of the year, the stuff reaches a melancholic aura. In front of us, two month where our doors will be close, we will use this time to reflect and evaluate what happened and plan the new season. During this time when the sun rises, we will be in the shadow, as we always say. To be honest, the future looks thrilling.

In these past seasons, we have been developing projects on Lisbon, La Habana, Croatia; we get the Triodos award, for working on an idea that changes the world. In the upcoming months we will travel to Bordeaux, Madrid and Quito. We will keep defending our principles and we will continue working with the strength of this family, in the hybrid creation, and valuing the cultural heritage of our neighborhood. We are tired. But we are not. We are happy. And together. Moreover, we are one. Thankful. Maybe all the doors are not open. But here nothing is closed. This is not going to be erased. Do not lose any detail. We are in progress.


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