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What started as a small project has become a social and cultural movement so ZAWPs’ management is not simple or sealed. All begins with the idea of Haceria Arteak Association and therefore this is which takes the final responsibility, that’s why it must approve the decisions. These decisions are agreed by the permanent workers team and is based on the interaction (informal or formal monthly done meetings) of them with the zawpers, the public and other partners.

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Denominamos “zawpers” a aquellas personas que aportan valor al movimiento ZAWP a través de su participación. Artistas, investigadores, colaboradores, proyectos residentes, staff… Tú puedes ser una de ellas.

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It is important to understand that ZAWP is not just the pavilions, these are only a tool. Our activity exceeds that limitation focusing on the whole area of La Ribera and connecting also nationally and internationally. Therefore, the future for us is not limited to the existence of the pavilions we manage. Obviously, ZAWP will mutate as the urban plan advances. However, ZAWP has been thought from its beginning to settle in temporality, in the meanwhile of the transformation process, since this is a real uncertainty interval for citizens.

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Contact us! We will try to help you and if we can’t, sure we can get you in touch with other people who can do it.

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First of all we need to know what do you need the space for and for how long. It is different wanting to hold a meeting, being interested in having a research residency or looking for a stable workspace (just to name some of the options). For specific moment actions your space can be hACERIA aretoa or Garabia aretoa; for laboratory and residences: ZAWPLAb; and as stable workspace you may be interested on ETC02 or ZAWPLAb. For more information and prices please contact us.

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Like everything in life, it depends. Many of our activities are free and those that are not have popular prices. The same happens with the spaces, whose conditions vary according to what are going to be used for and also depends if the activity is non-profit.

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 The budget of the Association for 2014 is 485.000 euros. Over the years, our budget has grown with the growth of our business and the incomes from it. Currently, our own incomes (ticketing, leases, services…) are higher than what we perceive through grants and donations. The economic objective is to continue declining public funding. For a more complete view of how our budget is distributed you can see our 2013 Annual Report. You can find a summary of the activities undertaken in the past year with the financial report and the account of disaggregated results. In order to be transparent also financially, our association publishes data annually and is subjected to external analysis.

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 We are an independent project managed by all kind people. In these sense, we work with institutions when we consider that there is an objective or social benefit above our ideologies and interests. This work does not require to start from the same point of view. In fact, naturally tends to start from the disagreement, but the constructive work serves to reach more interesting sites than through the complaint (although we do use it). The reality is that our relationship with the institutions is not based on a solid link. This is the link followed between independent agents that we have started to connect on network to build together


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In many ways. You can get more information here but the most important thing is how you’d like to collaborate.