1. Our cultural initiatives emanate from civil society, operate without profit, and profess a strong public vocation.
  1. We are socially committed . We start with comprehensive approaches and carry them out locally in our immediate surroundings and in our community.
  1. Our efforts are directed towards developing pluralistic, intercultural, transdisciplinary and decentralized visions.
  1. While ZAWP originated as an idea of a cultural non-profit association, it has evolved into practice as a citizens’ movement, open not only to those in the cultural and creative sector, but to all members of society.
  1. We use the terms independent and self-managed to to define ourselves, but we are well aware that, in reality, our true situation, with respect to other agents, is one of interdependence, given the highly pluralistic, diverse, and complex surroundings in which we operate. In any case, this independence must be understood as freedom and, in particular, as autonomy to exercise our rights and make decisions without outside intervention.
  1. As an independent social and cultural movement, we are a meeting place that stimulates the generation of ideas and initiatives. We are a laboratory for research, artistic creation and production, as well as a platform for collective learning and social innovation.
  1. The space-installations were developed as part of ZAWP’s initiative to make an ecosystem that allows not only a place to work, but also to live.
  1. The sustainability of our space depends largely on the design of a funding model that reduces economic dependence on other agents and the assumption of an economic logic and mixed financing that meets principles of redistribution (public and private grants and investments), reciprocity (volunteering, in kind exchanges, etc.) and self-financing through profitable market initiatives. However, none of these principles should be assumed to fall into subjugation and/or precariousness.
  1. ZAWP is an exercise of reflection and interpretation which, in turn, works on the economic and social regeneration of a degraded industrial area through the creation of opportunities based on culture and creativity and paves the way for other companies and initiatives to enter the area as well.
  1. The management team implements all initiatives of ZAWP’s research, development, and innovation as a central focus and is promoted by the association itself or through practical support initiatives working in the same direction. For us, striving in this direction involves strengthening our projects and creations and generating social transformation ftom social and cultural perspectives. The pursuit of knowledge, change, solution … the forefront.

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