Event production

ZAWP performs full event production as well as it offers production assistants for external event production.

In over 10 years as a technical production, the hACERIA Association has developed its own production tool called EGIN BOOK through which they develop each of the stages of an event from the briefing to the complete closure of postproduction.

Some managed ZAWP spaces such as hACERIA aretoa and GARABIA can be hired to carry out various types of event: conferences, press conferences, showroom, meeting, product presentation, celebrations, workshops… These spaces have the necessary solutions to successfully perform any type of event, among which:

  • Public care service
  • Input control
  • Catering service for dinner, cocktails and coffee breaks
  • Material and technical service: ZAWP provides technical, load and unload, stage lighting and fixtures personnel
  • Audiovisuals: the space offers technical personnel, event recording and other petitions under consultation
  • Cleaning: cleaning after any activity

You can request information and quote via email: info@zawp.org