Guided Tours

ZAWP will hold from October 2014, guided tours through the future island of La Ribera de Deusto-Zorrotzaurre, making a journey through its past, present and future with a focus on addressing the “meantime” of the process of urban transformation being experienced by the neighbourhood.

3 are the focuses of attention of these visits: its industrial past, its cultural present and the presence of works and urban art interventions along the entire route.

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  1. Dear ZAWP Team,
    I found your organization via the Airbnb webpage when I was loking for a flat in Bilbao. Due to the fact that we could not share E-mail addresses with your respondent he toled me to contact you directly. We are a educational organization from germany which is organizing educational excursion for architects. Next week my sister and I travel to Bilbao to organize such a excrusion. Since we saw your nice and unique sleeping containers we become very interested in your organization. My sister and I will stay from tomorrow until frieday in Bilbao and we would like to ask if it is possible to meet you in order to get known what you are doing. First we are interesting maybe to see one of you unique flat and second we would like to get known your conzepts. You now maight ask why we are interested in this? Due to the fact that we want to provide very special architecture excursion to our architects we are always loking for special locations, organization, facilities etc. As I am not that sure what exactly you are doing do you think there is a way of working together in future? Or maybe I am totally wrong? The question is if there is a possibility to visit you next week to get know your organization? We will stay in Bilbao until the 10th of october.
    Best regards,
    David Dilpert

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