Work lines

Promote creation through urban transformation: Enable, encourage, and promote creation, creative thinking, and working together, as well as mainstreaming projects into a permanent urban context.

  • Promote, enable, and execute the creation of the urban transformation through collaborative and transversal work.
  • Manage and promote ZAWP´s creative spaces.
  • Investigate new languages and tools in order to develop local and international connections.

Promote the conservation, historical enhancement, and development of La Ribera: Drawing attention to and valuing the current state of La Ribera’s environment, recognizing the peninsula’s industrial and port heritage and transformation, and witnessing the changes of La Ribera over time.

  • Conserve the industrial, social, and ecological heritage of La Ribera.
  • Highlight and memorialize La Ribera’s history through creation.

Work towards local revitalization: Revitalize La Ribera by fostering a knowledge economy, and strengthening the neighborhood through the creation of economic, social, and urban regeneration opportunities.

  • Regenerate and revitalize economically, socially, and culturally.
  • Reimagine and reuse indoor and outdoor spaces.

Prototyping a model of urban transit “Zone Art Work in Progress”: Participate in the change of transformation processes paradigm from the micro to the macro, placing value on the “meanwhile” and processes needed to be articulated.

  • Document the development process of ZAWP.
  • Design microprototypes to serve other people and other projects.

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